Welcome to good health

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


This website is my attempt to share information on good nutrition. Good nutrition does not mean putting things in your body that is rich in nutrition – but eating in a way (or combination) that your body absorbs the nutrition that you are trying to feed it. I believe eating vitamin pills may or may not necessarily boost your health – it is what the body is able to absorb into your body that can make you healthy or not healthy. For example, vitamin D is absorbed by your body if accompanied by calcium. So simply eating a vitamin D pill can put a strain on some of your organs (such as kidneys) because your body will need to flush out what is not absorbed by your body.

Some of our food combinations in the Indian Cuisine are designed to help the body to absorb what is required by the body by providing the correct trace elements that help the body to absorb these nutrients. Some food combinations are for specific seasons.

I shall attempt to research the correct recipes that have been handed down traditionally and provide those to you.

My first attempt is a simple mix of carbohydrate and protein (the absorption of protein in the body is best when consumed along with the correct amount and type of carbohydrates). This combination mixed with specific spices offers not only a way for the body to absorb good food but also does not stress out the digestion system of your body.  So it can be eaten when you are not very well or sick, during the time your stomach feels upset, or just when you feel like having fresh and hot food.